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Téim chuig Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. Táim i rang a 6 agus táim dhá bhlian déag d’aois. Is aoibhinn liom mo scoil mar tá foireann peile againn agus bíonn an-chraic againn ag imirt spóirt. I like the Maths and the Art. I especially like the Art because you can use your imagination. I have a lovely teacher, Múinteoir Deirdre. She is very friendly and is always telling funny stories. My class is in the same classroom with 5th class. The thing I love the most about Gaelscoil Bheanntraí is the laptops. There are over 70 laptops in the school.
Conor Ó hÁinle
Student / Rang 5 & 6
I am eleven years old and I go to Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. Táim i In our rang a cúig. school we speak Irish and I enjoy it. We have after school activities like music, Irish dancing, hip-hop, table tennis and we also have our own football team which trains after school. My friends and I are on it. Is í Múinteoir Deirdre mo mhúinteoir. She is nice, funny and helpful. My favourite subject is Maths. Tá ceithre bhrat glas againn. I have lots of friends at this school Izabella, Leah, Luke and Eibhlín and they’re in fifth class too. We have a polytunnel and we grow vegetables and lovely flowers.
Méadhbh Ní Chearnaigh
Student / Rang 5 & 6
“ Is maith liom bheith ag caint Gaoluinn agus ag déanamh an Coiste Glas”
Chloe Ní Dhrisceoil
Student / Rang 1
‘’ Gaelscoil Bheanntraí is great because the teachers are so nice. We do lots of activities in school. At break time when the teachers hear us speak Irish they give us a marble to put in our jar. When it’s full, we’ll get a wonderful prize. Seo an scoil is fearr ar domhain!’’
Daisy Ní Chárthaigh Ní Luain
Students / Rang 3 & 4
I go to Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. I love the school because if you’re bored, you always has something to do. I like that they have so many fun things to do after school e.g. football, flute, Irish dancing, harp, drama, table tennis and many others. My favourite subject is probably Maths. I’m not the best but I do like it. It gets harder when you get to the older classes but it I also like music. This school has taught me so much about it. I have the best friends - Izabella, Luke, Meave and Ellen.
Leah Ní Scolaí
Student / Rang 5 & 6
Agus tá mé ag freastal ag Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. I am very happy at Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. My favourite subject is Maths .I find that Maths is fun and easy once you put your mind to it. Our teacher this year is Múinteoir Deidre. Our teacher makes every subject enjoyable. I really like a football competition called Sciath na Scol. Usually I play in the middle of the pitch. I am very happy playing for the school even though we may not always win. Our girls’ team have won the competition twice in a row and hopefully will win this year too. 2015 has been a very successful year for the school. We are currently working on our fifth Green School’s Flag for Biodiversity. Also we have recently won the amber flag for our Mental Health Week. After school hours, I like to play a lot of sports such as football, hurling, table tennis and soccer.
Daithí Ó Siadhail
Student / Rang 5 & 6
“I would not like to be in any other school other than Gaelscoil Bheanntraí because the teachers always brighten up Mondays for all of us.”
Cillian Ó Conchúir
Student / Rang 2
“ Bíonn an-spóirt againn ar scoil. Ta alán bréagáin againn ar scoil. Is maith liom ealíon agus péinteáil.”
Caoimhe Ní Chíobhánaigh
Student / Rang 1
‘’ We are doing Spanish lessons with Múinteoir Sandra. We are learning so much from her. We are busy preparing for the Christmas Craft Fair making owls, stockings and candles’’
Kelly Ní Dhálaigh
Student / Rang 4
I go to Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. In school we have a GAA football team and we have a table tennis team. The table tennis trainer Owen Kelly is a table tennis legend. Our GAA trainer Rhóna Ní Bhuachalla plays for the Cork Senior Women’s team. Our GAA girls’ team won the Sciath na Scol cup last year and hopefully the boys will win this year. My favourite subject is sport and at the moment 5th and 6th class are doing gymnastics for sport.
Cathal Ó Drisceoil
Student / Rang 5 & 6
‘’We have two big playgrounds. We have monkey bars and a sandpit and lots more too’’
Eliza Nic an tSaoi
Student / Rang 4
“Tá gach duine go deas agus tá gach múinteoir go deas. Spórt an rud is fearr liom agus is maith liom caint gaoluinn”
Alexandra Ní Chonchúir
Student / Rang 1
“I like school because it’s fun and I get to see my friends. It’s great fun to be in second class because I have my communion. I’m glad I go to Gaelscoil Bheanntraí.
Malaí Ní Chróinín
Student / Rang 2
‘’School life here at Gaelscoil Bheanntraí is good. I honestly love PE and Maths. The teachers are nice, they also have a great sense of humour. In third class we’re caring and helpful. The work is easy enough but if it is hard then the teacher is always willing to help.’’
Eli Mac Ranáill
Student / Rang 3
“I love Gaelscoil Bheanntraí because it’s different to others, you don’t know what’s around the corner. My favourite subject to do here is math because I love math. But my favourite part about this school is the teachers are so nice. Plus I get to sit next to my cousin Lily.”
Paddy Ó Ruiséal
Student / Rang 2
I am eleven years old. I am in fifth class. I want to tell you about our school, Gaelscoil Bheanntraí. I have recently moved from an English speaking school to Gaelscoil Bheanntraí and it has been the best move ever. I have made the best of friends in my class Leah, Izabella and Meave. There are fourteen people in fifth class and eight in sixth class. We have sport for half an hour on Tuesdays and Fridays. At the moment we are doing gymnastics and it’s great fun. We have activities after school for example: Irish Dancing, yoga, banna ceoil and football. There’s something for everyone - boy or girl! Eibhlin Ni Choileain!
Ellen Collins
Student / Rang 5 & 6
“Is breá liom bácáil agus tá gach duine deas. Is maith liom discó Oíche Shamhna agus Ceardlann na Nollag. Déanfaimid pancóga ar Mháirt na hInide.”
Abha Ní Shúilleabháin
Student / Rang 1



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